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gem stone colors

Gemstone Engagement Ring

Gemstones by Color: Your Guide to Gem Color Meanings

 · List of Gemstones by Color: Meanings & Properties Below, you will find a list of gemstones by colors–from light to dark tones, followed by their color meanings and healing powers.

Gemstone Color

Gem minerals vary greatly in their ability to disperse light therefore different colors with different qualities are observed in gemstones. Color dispersion is especially high in diamonds where it produces a beautiful play of color that is called fire. Play of color in opal

List of 24 Gemstones with Names, Pictures, and Colors

 · In colors varying from colorless to grey, brownish, yellow, green, or pink and quality that goes from transparent to clear. The best Moonstone has a blue sheen, excellent quality, and an anemic body color. Located in India and also Madagascar, rainbow Moonstone has a selection of colors, from pink to yellow, to peach, purple, and blue.

Infinity Gems

The Infinity Gems (originally referred to as Soul Gems and later as Infinity Stones) are six fictional gems appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics, named after and embodying different aspects of existence. The gems (Mind, Power, Reality, Soul, Space, and Time) can grant whoever wields them various powers in accordance to ...

Brown Gemstone List

Recommended brown gemstones are listed below. <1> Brown Diamond. <2> Brown Tourmaline. <3> Brown Topaz. <4> Brown Zircon. All the gemstones have a beautiful shine, and they are good for jewelry. There are not many kinds of brown gemstones with beautiful color.

Gem Stone Colors

The color you get attracted on the gemstone list is the one you need. Most garnets are red but the stone also occurs in orange yellow purple green pink black and other colors. Andesine hessonite garnet sphalerite calcite imperial topaz sapphire citrine moonstone star …


Colors of Gemstones, Shell and More A range of bead materials organized into color families: black and stone, blue and purple, green and aqua, red and pink, white and clear, and more. Shades of Black and Stone Shades of Blue and Purple

Gemstones A-Z with detailed gemstone descriptions

Fire opal is a bright orange variety of opal . It is primarily found in Mexico, so is often known as Mexican fire opal. Fire opal was known to the Aztecs between about 1200 to 1519 AD Colour: Fire opals are transparent to translucent opals with warm body colours yellow, orange, orange-yellow or red. Hardness:5.5- 6.5.

Gemstone Color List

Gemstone color list is also useful for self-analysis. The color you get attracted on the gemstone list is the one you need. When red attracts you, it means you need more activeness and vitality, and when blue attracts you, it means you need satisfaction of intelligence and mind. Just pick intuitively, you won''t need any knowledge about colors.

What Causes the Colour of Gemstones? – Compound Interest

 · The origin of colour in gemstones is not always down to the presence of transition metals, however. The transfer of electrons between ions in a gemstone''s structure, as a result of the absorption of wavelengths of visible light, can also be responsible in some cases. In sapphires, this is the case, with the colour a result of charge transfer ...

Gem stones colors | Etsy

Check out our gem stones colors selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops.

Gemstone Type List: Guide to Precious & Semi-Precious Color Gems…

 · Gemstone Type List: Guide to Precious & Semi-Precious Color Gemstones. GemSelect''s list of precious & semi-precious gemstones: With over 130 gem varieties, our gemstone index will help you find the perfect colored stone for your jewelry & crystal healing needs.


Gemstone Color List - Gemstone Dictionary | Meanings List

Gemstone varieties and trade names

Gemstones By Color Metallic White Colorless Blue Red Green Yellow Orange Pink Purple Banded Multicolored Most Visited Gemstones Ruby Sapphire Topaz Agate Garnet Quartz Tourmaline Jasper Zircon Emerald Research What is a Rock & What is a Color ...

Gem stone colors

2018-okt-02 - 143 Likes, 0 Comments - @elizabethgordonstudio on Instagram: "This combo of gem stone tones are working so well together. . . . . . #elizabethgordonstudio…"

Birthstone Chart

Amethyst is crystalline quartz in colors ranging from pale lilac to deep reddish purple. It has a relatively high hardness of 7, which means it''s very scratch resistant. The February birthstone makes a fine gem for any kind of jewelry. Color: Pale lilac to deep reddish purple. Pale lilac to deep reddish purple.

Gem Surfaces ®

Gemstone Slab Manufacturer. Gemstone Slab Supplier. Gemstone Mosaic Slabs. We are the mine owner, manufacturer, and distributor of all our Gemstone Surfaces. Semi-finished gemstone slabs available in more than 30 colors are from our Madagascar ...

Gemstones by Color

 · It usually has a yellowish to orangish brown color but can be white, greenish, bluish, or black. It is an organic gem easily cut and polished into bright, lightweight gems.

Gemstone Colors: Various Types of Colors and it''s Name

Gemstone Colors Each gemstone is unique with a special color birthplace and story.Gemstone come in every colour of the rainbow and are gathered from all corners of the world. With each coloured gemstone possessing a unique creation of beautiful …


A gemstone (also called a gem, fine gem, jewel, precious stone, or semi-precious stone) is a piece of mineral crystal which, in cut and polished form, is used to make jewelry or other adornments. However, certain rocks (such as lapis lazuli and opal) and occasionally organic materials that are not minerals (such as amber, jet, and pearl) are also used for jewelry and are therefore often ...

Gem Hut

Gemstones by Color Red Pink Peach Orange Yellow Green Blue Violet Brown Black Grey Colorless (Silver) or White Multicolor Red Red Almandite (Garnet) Beryl Bismuth Bismuth Crystals Bluebird (Azurite-Cuprite) Brecciated Jasper Carnelian (Chalcedony) ...

A list of Precious and Semi Precious Gemstones and their Treatments | Gem …

These days, all gemstones are considered precious since they are all rare and there is a limited supply of them. The traditional list of gemstones that are considered precious stones are: Diamond. Ruby. Sapphire. Emerald. All other gemstones are considered as being semi precious stones. These are old terms and not necessarily true these days.

Blue Gemstones – List of Blue Gemstones, Colors, Meanings and …

 · Color and quality in blue gemstones. Sapphire: Color is profound and deep blue with violet sparkles. The quality of sapphire will depend not only on the purity of its color but also on the size and dimension. Aquamarine: The aquamarine contains different shades of blue that can reach a …

List of Color Changing Gemstones [With Pictures] | Seda Gems

 · Color changing gemstones are some of the rarest and most unqiue gemstones on the planet. Among other gemstones, the color changing gemstones have a lot of people in awe of their enthralling nature. They have the ability to remarkably change color under sunlight, fluorescent and internal (incandescent) lighting.

Gemstone Color Chart at AJS Gems

Blue Gems. Though blue is a more common gem color than red, very few gems occur in a pure saturated blue. Sapphire is really the only example, though tanzanite sometimes comes close. Other blue gems tend to be a grayish-blue (spinel, benitoite), greenish-blue ( blue zircon, apatite, tourmaline, gem silica) or a pastel blue (aquamarine, topaz).

Birthstone Chart

Traditionally, precious stones were the Big Four gemstones — diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and sapphires. Semi-precious stones were everything else. Today, gemologists don''t use these terms because they imply that some gems are better or worth more than others. In fact, some so-called semi-precious stones would be worth far more than so ...

Gemstones by Color

 · Gemstones by Color Many people purchase gems by type - for example, they want to buy a sapphire, a tourmaline or an amethyst.But one thing we''ve learned in the colored gem business is that most customers are concerned above all with color, and are less concerned with gem variety, as long as the stone they buy is durable enough for their purpose.

Gemstones That Change Color in Different Light

Color change gems show different colors when viewed under different light sources, such as sunlight and indoor light.The alexandrite variety displays a color change (alexandrite effect) dependent upon the nature of ambient lighting. Alexandrite effect is the phenomenon of an observed color change from greenish to reddish with a change in source illumination.

Top 5 Peach Colored Gemstones that Look Gorgeous on You

Let''s look at what are the gemstones that are inherited with this magnificent attribute that looks gorgeous on any ring or jewelry. 1. Morganite. Morganite is the king of peach colored gemstones. The best naturally formed peach color is often found in well-cut morganites. Morganite is essentially beryl.


Gemcolor - finest gemstones. Gemcolor is an international supplier of the world''s finest gemstones. We have connected jewelry manufacturers, retailers and designers with the highest quality gems for the past two decades. Gemcolor wholesales diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and the full spectrum of other colored stones. Our new online ...


the blue color of aquamarine. In aquamarine, adjacent Al 3+ ions in beryl are replaced by an Fe 2+ ion and an Fe 3+ ion. Not all gem colors are produced by transition metal ions. In some gemstones, the colors are produced by the presence of foreign atoms

Zodiac Birthstones: Astrology & Birthday Gemstones

This stone is also given as a present for 2nd Wedding Anniversaries. Learn more about the January birthstone, Garnet February Birthstone - Amethyst Amethyst is a semi precious gemstone which is available in colors ranging from a

Alexandrite Gemstone | Natural Alexandrite Stone

Alexandrite Gemstone is a rare variety of the mineral Chrysoberyl & is a strongly pleochroic gem. Color-changing alexandrite is nature''s magic trick. Often described by gem aficionados as "emerald by day, ruby by night," alexandrite is the very rare color-change ...